Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hidden Blessings

Hidden Blessings

If chronic illness has a home
Moments in life can be stolen
Keep a careful eye on where you are
Most of what you miss are the Hidden Blessings

Be the purpose designed by God
Don't stop trying and find support
Distance from those who hurt you with fraud
Give room to the Hidden Blessings

Daily struggles accept, don't resist
Life is not an entitlement
There is more than your illness
Allow the Hidden Blessings

You will fall, you can rise, accept help
Keep true to yourself & others
Don't apologize or sacrifice yourself
Be a part of the Hidden Blessings

Know that God does love you
Show it in mind, body, & soul
He will not fail to provide rescue

And will continue to bless you with Hidden Blessings

Life Is A Sermon

Life Is A Sermon

You will tell a lie, and you will be hurt by a lie 

Allow your smile to shine, but also accept a good cry 

Everyone will have joy and strife, but know God will stay forever 

Adversity is necessary, inevitable and builds character 

There’s always a beginning and an ending 

God’s creation here is temporary, and there is no pretending 

Blaming wastes time, learning your part will stop the torment 

Find the path that brings your soul its designed contentment 

Choose to live for work, or work to live 

Pick wisely that which allows you to freely love and give 

One day you’ll have to let go, and you will mourn 

Allow yourself peace, it will mend the torn 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Last Day (Poem)

A concept that I created for myself over the last year and a half, came from a place where my physical pain and illness had reached a critical point. Much of my day was hidden from even the closest of my family for I dare not expose them to what was a private matter but a place that I didn't think they should be burdened with. During these private moments I had to find a way to cope with pain that was like a hell....truly. For example, I would visualize those lost in the Haiti disaster whose last moments were buried between rocks and walls. Imagining their pain, helped me to understand my pain was still tolerable. Then I asked myself one day "What if this was my last day?". I kept that thought going daily because I knew that if anything could help me appreciate the good I had, this idea did. So this poem was created from my survival mindset during a time that appeared never ending, providing me hope. Today, I feel so relieved to have overcome this painful experience and having hope made it happen.

This poem is dedicated to "Mandi".

My Last Day

Have you had days pass by without a thought
Absorbed with battles that you needlessly sought
And in the midst of this storm blinding your way
Suddenly, you awake to "What if this was my last day?"

If today was my last day, I want to feel gratitude in my heart
Because there's a new door, to open with a new start
Now I will include thanking God for each day
No more taking anything for granted, because it all could fly away

All that matters is right here, within my grasp, now
Loving everyone around me without having a need to ask "how?"
My last day is today, and I am free!
Like a strong breeze I can feel it within me

With a perspective more clear my heart rejoices
Finally I'm not chained to the old dark voices
A new beginning that I can make my destiny
My last day is my first step into making my dreams reality

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Subject to Change" On the Front Door of Life

We all get comfortable periods in life, and “expecting” each day to be the same is just an unconscious part of our thinking. We grow into our lifestyles, adapt to the way we like our home, personal life, work life, health and how we raise the kids. Our daily routines are rituals that we give no thought to, because we are on automatic pilot mode. We hear others talk about sudden health issues, family breakups, financial fallen, and job madness. We move on as though we won’t get hit by these changes. When change does happen, and it disrupts all that we have known, we tend to resist and suddenly we are all out of sorts with life.

My first major change in life occurred at age 27 and it was a mystery illness in many ways. I found myself in a maze of great physical pain and odd symptoms but a variety of doctors who were unable to adequately treat me. That change had such an impact in my life and I really didn’t want to accept that my life needed to continue carefully in a new direction. Accepting change means we ourselves have to look at what we have in our ownership of the change. However sometimes we don’t recognize our part to play in making the change. Today I am able to see that I didn’t make the necessary changes in my life for my new health condition.

When I look at change in my life I recognize those changes that were wanted but still had great challenges. My move from Cincinnati, OH, to Houston, TX, was one that I was so excited about. Not only was I starting a new job after being jobless for 3 months, but I was moving where the weather was warm and dry instead of so many dreary cold days! There was no way to mentally prepare myself however for a move to Texas and a new job. I was just turning 34 and moving away from all my friends and family, 1100 miles away. At first it felt like a vacation as I made friends immediately, and playing on the lake like I so commonly did in Ohio. Life felt great, but as time went on, things got tough. Before I knew it I was slammed with another major change and I had only been in Texas nine months. Another move, this time to Austin, TX, which included surprising changes that blew me away.

The odd part about change, good or bad, is how it can make you grow and continue to open other doors. The problem we face with change most times is the patience to see it through. I read a book once that talked about change and our normal resistance to it. The book suggested that every home should have a sign on the front door that reads “Subject to Change”. That meant a lot to me as I realized that many of the changes which turn into life changing events, come either unplanned, not on our timetable, or the end of something or someone we loved dearly. What we have to come to terms with is change is subject to happen at any time. Our wakeup call is that change is suppose to occur. If we decide we can’t accept the change, then we are in for a world of hurt.

Three years into my daughter’s life that I was so delighted to have with me, another major change hit….but this time the biggest of all booms! At age 40 I found myself in the hospital being brain monitored and dealing with the mystery illness again. It has now been 5 years, and I am disabled as a result of this mystery type illness. With this illness has come a continual revolving door of nonstop change.

I know now that change is something that can happen every day. The loss of health, job, and friends is still a change I struggle with however it has ironically opened up doors also. Now, I don’t think about all the hours away from my daughter while at work. I’m able to be more at peace with my home not looking perfect because my health is priority over it. Writing and poetry have been great gifts to me that I never saw before. I have accepted that change has knocked on my door so many times that hopefully one day I may find that change will show me a healthier body soon!

Subject to change is our purpose in life. If we resist or refuse to accept it we will close those doors that are being presented to us, to walk through and embrace those opportunities that can come with change. Here are five tips that I have identified in helping me with ongoing changes in my life.

Tips For Accepting Change

1. Expect Change - Allowing and accepting events in your life to happen, planned or unplanned, but definitely involve changes that we should always know are just around the corner.

2. Change You – Changes that disrupt our day-to-day life come to us two different ways. There is change that happens to you, and also change that happens within you. We can’t control what will happen, but we do have the ability to control what we do with the change. Be alert and quick to recognize that you are about to enter a new phase of life.

3. Seek the Opportunity – When you see that you are having a hard time moving from where you are, to where you need to go, envisioning where the move could take you may help. Look at the big picture, and see what positive options there are. Sometimes it is scouting our location, or even trying new relationships. Once you have built some trust in the new, it will be easier to leave the old.

4. Let Go of the Old – One of the toughest things in life is to let go of a loved one we have lost. Letting go of our sense of security or relationships can be awfully scary and difficult to do. One of my favorite reminders that I say to myself is “Let Go, Let God”. The best gift we can give ourselves is peace, and only by letting go can we reach that blessing.

5. Keep Growing – Making strides towards the things that will benefit you also keep you moving in the right direction in any transition. Whether it is in your personal or business life, when you recognize an opportunity to expand in ways that will reap rewards, go for it. It is all about our growing and knowing that a breakthrough does lead to better days.

One of the things I say to my daughter a lot is “Everything has a beginning and an ending”. That may sound morbid but preparing her for what to expect at the playground, school, birthday parties, or chores around the house,etc. is to help her understand a head of time that these things all change and we move on through life as it was meant to be.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Love Tree

As a poet (only aware after becoming disabled) my words tend to flow easier for me only in a poem. For this month’s blog, I was suffering Bloggers “block"….but then an idea came to me after talking to Dianalynn Varin (owner of Crafted Elegance) about how her business will grow, for it is a “Love Tree”. My emphasis was that in her walk to provide us, the disabled, a way to fulfill a purpose and still make an income was pure love! As more of us reach out to others, more branches grow. I asked Dianalynn since I was having Blogger’s “block”, if it was OK for me to write a poem. A few days later this poem just flowed out.

The Love Tree

The roots take seed

In ways we need

To work our way above the ground

Then off to receive sight and sound

The trunk of a tree is like the soul

Finding the path that makes us whole

Find a branch to reach out

Then in turn branches will begin to shout

I’m here for you as you grow!

Helping during any high and low!

The fruit your tree bears

Is sweet and nothing compares!

How remarkable to see the tree over time

With bright leaves in green and lime

It glows among others in the big forest

Beginning a desire to be the ultimate best

Love is a beautiful tree of giving

Branching out, and making others sing

Giving a heart to branch out and receive

Collecting together because we believe

My tree of love is always here

Asking you to take care

Be my friend not my enemy

For peace is my gift to you and me

Look around your tree

Do you have what your heart can see?

Dare to spread your branches far and wide

You will see that your love tree is right inside

I have climbed through many trees wavering

I found love can only be received, after giving

If I first love what my tree can be

Only then can others branch to my love tree

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