Monday, June 15, 2009

Angel You Have Flown

If you scroll down to the first entry of my blog, you will notice a tribute to My Grandpa.

On May 28, 2009, my Grandpa, Bob, was given final rest and peace. Thank you God, for knowing the right time to bless Bob and keep him in good hands.

Angel You Have Flown

You shined brighter than any light
You gave more than anyone I've known
No one used to hug me as tight
Beautiful angel away you've flown

How you gave your help for those in need
Four legged creatures so desperate for your care
They soon knew your love and so does the word seed
More dogs were in your yard, as those who dump animals dare

I can't forget your laughter
Or you asking "Whose sweetie pie are you"
Your voice and words are in my heart forever
May you find a world so shiny and new

You soar now, with God's angels hidden among us
I can only imagine what you may see in heaven
We know that God will fulfill His purpose
Guiding us through our lives, and to you again