Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hidden Blessings

Hidden Blessings

If chronic illness has a home
Moments in life can be stolen
Keep a careful eye on where you are
Most of what you miss are the Hidden Blessings

Be the purpose designed by God
Don't stop trying and find support
Distance from those who hurt you with fraud
Give room to the Hidden Blessings

Daily struggles accept, don't resist
Life is not an entitlement
There is more than your illness
Allow the Hidden Blessings

You will fall, you can rise, accept help
Keep true to yourself & others
Don't apologize or sacrifice yourself
Be a part of the Hidden Blessings

Know that God does love you
Show it in mind, body, & soul
He will not fail to provide rescue

And will continue to bless you with Hidden Blessings

Life Is A Sermon

Life Is A Sermon

You will tell a lie, and you will be hurt by a lie 

Allow your smile to shine, but also accept a good cry 

Everyone will have joy and strife, but know God will stay forever 

Adversity is necessary, inevitable and builds character 

There’s always a beginning and an ending 

God’s creation here is temporary, and there is no pretending 

Blaming wastes time, learning your part will stop the torment 

Find the path that brings your soul its designed contentment 

Choose to live for work, or work to live 

Pick wisely that which allows you to freely love and give 

One day you’ll have to let go, and you will mourn 

Allow yourself peace, it will mend the torn