Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Love Tree

As a poet (only aware after becoming disabled) my words tend to flow easier for me only in a poem. For this month’s blog, I was suffering Bloggers “block"….but then an idea came to me after talking to Dianalynn Varin (owner of Crafted Elegance) about how her business will grow, for it is a “Love Tree”. My emphasis was that in her walk to provide us, the disabled, a way to fulfill a purpose and still make an income was pure love! As more of us reach out to others, more branches grow. I asked Dianalynn since I was having Blogger’s “block”, if it was OK for me to write a poem. A few days later this poem just flowed out.

The Love Tree

The roots take seed

In ways we need

To work our way above the ground

Then off to receive sight and sound

The trunk of a tree is like the soul

Finding the path that makes us whole

Find a branch to reach out

Then in turn branches will begin to shout

I’m here for you as you grow!

Helping during any high and low!

The fruit your tree bears

Is sweet and nothing compares!

How remarkable to see the tree over time

With bright leaves in green and lime

It glows among others in the big forest

Beginning a desire to be the ultimate best

Love is a beautiful tree of giving

Branching out, and making others sing

Giving a heart to branch out and receive

Collecting together because we believe

My tree of love is always here

Asking you to take care

Be my friend not my enemy

For peace is my gift to you and me

Look around your tree

Do you have what your heart can see?

Dare to spread your branches far and wide

You will see that your love tree is right inside

I have climbed through many trees wavering

I found love can only be received, after giving

If I first love what my tree can be

Only then can others branch to my love tree

Crafted Elegance is an on-line marketplace that sells high quality, homemade crafts created by disabled individuals. Please take a moment when you can and visit CraftedElegance.org. This business is one of great opportunities for both those interested in craft products and for those needing a place to demonstrate their beautiful abilities through their art.