Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Learning Foundation - Free Self-Help Resource

Years before I became disabled, I was introduced by a friend to Guy Finley's books and audio material (many online free materials). For about 3-4 years on my way into/way home from work I would listen to Guy's CD's that were always remarkable lessons that gave me better insight to issues and struggles. Apparently I was meant to be directed to Guy, as I became disabled and all those CD's got pulled out again, along with about 4 books I have bought and just kept listening and reading. The great thing about Guy's nonprofit organization "The Learning Foundation" is that you can get weekly free lessons emailed to you. You can listen to Guy online via his webcast. He has been a great teacher to me and I think you might find at minimum his free weekly lessons a blessing to your life.

To find out more click on the banner below and you will be redirected to Guy Finely's world of free materials. I'm not going to tell you that he gives away his books or audio CD's....but whether you purchase material or choose to stay with free material you will be doing yourself a great favor!


Monday, October 19, 2009

My Story About Sidi Muhammad al-Jammal

I had the pleasure on Oct 1-3 to attend a Sufi retreat in order to obtain physical healing for my illness (polyneuropathy) by a man named Sidi Muhammad al-Jammal from Jerusalem. I got to too tired on the 3rd day to get my one on one healing with Sidi. However on the 1st day he gave me the Arabic name "Sabira" for "patience, enduring" and he reached out to my hand and said "patience....that which you wish for is coming". I have attached a You Tube video of Sidi giving a meaningful story about a wasp and a bird. Also for understanding the language translation for "Allah" is God.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Disability - How to Obtain - All The Facts You Need

If you want to find out how to obtain disability benefits, from a website I have used that cost NOTHING, please refer below to the link in this blog post. This website is a wonderful resource for those of us chronically ill needing disability benefits. There is a community forum on here with other people who share in common the struggles of being very ill and at the same time trying to get what is entitled to them...Social Security Benefits! I have been a member of this site for over a year and the information loaded in this site is amazing. Not only did I get all the information I would need for an appeal, or renewal but there is step by step guide on how to get Social Security without involving an attorney. Most people think they have to rely on an attorney but if you join this site for free, you will be guaranteed a world of webinars, posted blogs and newsletters on how to do almost any aspect of obtaining/securing your social security disability. Trust me, this is why this blog was help others like myself!
Click on the link below to play the audio message And Learn How A FREE Disability Digest Membership Will Teach You Absolutely Everything (You) Need To Know About Disability!

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Christine Messaros

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your Blue Sky - Tribute to Army Major Matthew W. Worrell

Tribute to Army Major Matthew W. Worrell

I never knew Matthew Worrell. However on one late day in May 2006 I was delighted at the Blue Sky. I was so inspired I wrote a poem titled Your Blue Sky. After starting the poem, I knew I had to continue packing as I was moving from an apartment to a house. The move was scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend. I put the poem I started away. However, going through newspapers for packing dishes, I found an article that hit a chord with me stronger than anything ever has before. It was titled "Served in Iraq with Night Stalkers Unit". Matthew's story of how he was apart of the aviation mission and the outfit of the Night Stalkers moved me along with the age of 34 in which he departed. Suddenly, I realized the poem I had just started that day...Your Blue Sky. I had been drawn to the blue sky and what it meant to me. Somehow I couldn't imagine that I found this article on Matthew's group who was struck down as just a coincidence. I took the article and cut it out. Although that was in 2006 and now we are in October 2009, I have saved both the article and poem telling myself that I would finish it and make sure the family had this. My misfortune is not as great as those who lost Matthew: husband, father, son and friend. However, part of the reason for the delay in finishing this poem and tribute, is one month after I began this poem I became ill...resulting in now my disability. How God does work, I have turned my disability into an opportunity to extend on my poetry. If anyone knows how I can get this poem I have tributed to Matthew Worrell's family please advise. I have searched and searched on the internet but can only find mention of his wife's name and parent's name but unable to find any other information to contact the family.

Your Blue Sky

How much do we embrace our blue sky

That beautiful feeling when we see such a view

Of a deep blue sea way up high

Providing a sense of a soul renewed

It would be so wonderful for all of us

If we could demonstrate a blue sky to others

Learning to give as the blue sky, the hope of God's purpose

What a fulfilling gift to shine our light among us

Clouds will clutter but are temporary, and possess a lesson

If we identify with the clouds we are not awake

Do not assume that cloudy days means our blue sky is gone

For if you do, this will affect God's path for you to take

As much as we yearn for each day to be filled of the blue sky

We must not forget the necessity of clouds and storms

So many times we may not see clearly or understand why

However, know that all storms will pass and blue skies again are born