Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blowing In The Wind

This poem is dedicated to Ron Markowicz. Ron lives in Las Vegas, NV where he has been fighting for his life and family for the past 2 years. His fight is what many across the U.S. suffer from and wait for repeated silence, injustice, fraudulent and unethical practices. The problem and fight is regarding Workers Compensation in our U.S. If you have an expectation or assumption that you will be protected if ever injured on the job, think again my friends!

The poem I wrote below is my personal attempt to reach the media and anyone who can help what appears to be numerous victims of the worst system we rely on. In my review of Ron's story, and others recently, Workers Compensation is acting equally as thieves. If we don't do something, we could be the next victim. Exposing insurance companies such as Crawford & Co and pursuing the Supreme Court if necessary, is the only way these type of scam artist can be stopped from taking away all you have worked hard your entire life for. Look for more blog entries coming soon on Workers Compensation issues in our country.

Blowing In the Wind

We expect promised rights for a hard working life

From the time we are old enough to read

We are taught goodness prevails for a man who works with great strife

So, how does the good man fall down, and get left blowing in the wind?

Consider a 25 year consistent worker, taxpayer and good historian

Who did as he was taught, dedicated and true American citizen

Never begging for handouts, only providing for himself with integrity and desire

Then suddenly, something fails, and he is left blowing in the wind

One day, in the food industry career that had brought him great favor

Was a simple matter of water lying on the kitchen floor

The dishwasher had leaked, and leaving an accident to happen

There came Ron into the wet floor, and away blowing in the wind

Blowing in the wind that is now what Ron Marcowicz does daily

With one fall, how one's life changes dramatically

The problem is that Ron had to learn more lessons than imagined

Now he was dealing with disability and a system of cruelty

Ron found his life disabled along with a flurry of injustice

Workers Comp fraudulent & unethical insurance acts

From Nevada's elected, Senator Reid and Congress Rep Titus

Governor and Mayor Goodman's office refuse to help, and they all have the facts!

Ron's home has already reached foreclosure due payments that lack

Workers Comp System refusing to pay and lying behind every one's back

Threatening the doctors so they deny Ron service, for they fear injustice

Add to that the back surgeon who should be pursued for malpractice

To survive, Ron has had the fight of his life

He doesn't understand why those in able positions

Have ignored his pleas for help and his well deserving rights

Why do they allow him to blow in the wind?

As a handful of supporters make phone calls and written requests

To Nevada officials, TV and News journalists and radio stations across the US

Even a journalist who covered Ron's story but fails to publish

This is overwhelming, criminal and plain right foolish

If only all these who ignorantly turn away and pull their politics

Understood that at any moment their life and expectations could sway away

Their fall could be so drastic & they will expect their insurance

Along with support by officials, but it all could go blowing in the wind

Please wake up and see what you have not done for yours

Choose to attain to that which you promised as your purpose

Don't allow a human being so close to your hands

Be left blowing in the wind!

Why do I care about this man I have never seen or met?

My purpose was found through a surprising fall

And after I worked 21 years of my life

I was afraid me & my daughter would be left blowing in the wind

But God did find angels along my path

Many times as I had to push and pull my life along

I was caught by a system that did not fail me

And all my fears went blowing in the wind

So my plea is that there will be angels that will cross Ron's path

Who will fulfill their duties to include justice and their promises at last

Reach out to a fellow American whose life and family are falling fast

Please stop the wind, before they are lost, and let them stand still

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  1. Beautiful! Your poem is so incredibly touching it nearly brought me to tears. You are aware of some of my own stuggles with workmans comp. I am learning more and more just how common these issues and experiences of heartlessness, corruption, and outright fraudulent behavior really are. My nievete regaurding those in power actually caring about our plight is all but gone as well. Those people in the government who actually have the power to help are well aware of what is going on within the workmans comp. system yet, they blatantly disregard these problems and the people it effects. There are even those, as I have discovered, that not only turn a blind eye but fundimentally encourage such behaviors and practices. I want to thank you for caring and for trying to bring attention to this crisis. If you or anyone else who may happen to read this have any ideas on what more we can do, or can think of any way in which I can help please let me know. Alone we are helpless and without power, but maybe together we can accomplish our goals.