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The Opportunity Is Ability
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 23:32

In 2006, I was faced with my life changing event called disability. I focused initially on the physical problems and overcoming them. A wise friend gave me advice, the same words repeatedly which were "find the opportunity". As I tried to digest those words and handle what I viewed as only my pain that no one could understand, the words hit me so many times "find the opportunity". I would get "annoyed" at times with my friend who was healthy because she wasn't going through my ordeal. I thought how dare she keep telling me to get beyond my pain and stop resisting. I knew my friend was right about finding the opportunity. It was the best advice but I wasn't ready to receive it.

Then in 2008, I began to try and create a business with being able to work from home and make up for the income loss when I converted to disability pay. The loss of income was quite extreme and I was a single mother. Repeatedly since 2008 I have continued to try and find my business opportunity but at the same time I felt the reins of the illness pulling me down. I had accomplished a business startup but there were so many Internet scams I came across and I questioned if a means of providing for me and my daughter was even possible.

Presently I have peace and opportunity in my writing. I learned that opportunity is also the knowledge and recognition that I have more ability. A few months ago I read a post for crafters needed at Crafted Elegance and was intrigued at the fact that the owner of Crafted Elegance and myself had many things in common. Dianalynn Varin is disabled just as I, and she is a business owner starting out, clearly she demonstrated the desire for a business opportunity, and to provide for the ability disabled folks have. Dianalynn Varin, has shown not only her desire to bring opportunity to herself, but in doing so, through Crafted Elegance she has provided a world of opportunity to those who are restricted but want to go on providing for themselves. Making crafts has an element of peacefulness to it and that was a huge attraction to me to be a crafter. I wanted to give myself some peace and a break from my own business while I allowed my body to heal. What Dianalynn did for me is help me see that I have been exhibiting opportunity all along, by blogging and writing poetry.

I am honored that Dianalynn asked me to be the "blogger" for Crafted Elegance. I believe in Dianalynn and Crafted Elegance 100 percent. There is a poem I wrote a year ago called "Disability Without "D" which you can find in my blog archives. Crafted Elegance is the place where "Is Ability" (Disability without "D") is demonstrated by the owner, the business opportunity for the disabled, and the customer...who will not only have purchased a quality inspected product, but allowed ability to shine on the faces of every crafter and on Crafted Elegance.

Please take a moment and check out Crafted Elegance website! I am working on a craft myself to start selling! So whether you are interested in creating & selling a craft or buying hand-crafted qulity items, Crafted Elegance wants to give you opportunity with quality!
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