Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Last Day (Poem)

A concept that I created for myself over the last year and a half, came from a place where my physical pain and illness had reached a critical point. Much of my day was hidden from even the closest of my family for I dare not expose them to what was a private matter but a place that I didn't think they should be burdened with. During these private moments I had to find a way to cope with pain that was like a hell....truly. For example, I would visualize those lost in the Haiti disaster whose last moments were buried between rocks and walls. Imagining their pain, helped me to understand my pain was still tolerable. Then I asked myself one day "What if this was my last day?". I kept that thought going daily because I knew that if anything could help me appreciate the good I had, this idea did. So this poem was created from my survival mindset during a time that appeared never ending, providing me hope. Today, I feel so relieved to have overcome this painful experience and having hope made it happen.

This poem is dedicated to "Mandi".

My Last Day

Have you had days pass by without a thought
Absorbed with battles that you needlessly sought
And in the midst of this storm blinding your way
Suddenly, you awake to "What if this was my last day?"

If today was my last day, I want to feel gratitude in my heart
Because there's a new door, to open with a new start
Now I will include thanking God for each day
No more taking anything for granted, because it all could fly away

All that matters is right here, within my grasp, now
Loving everyone around me without having a need to ask "how?"
My last day is today, and I am free!
Like a strong breeze I can feel it within me

With a perspective more clear my heart rejoices
Finally I'm not chained to the old dark voices
A new beginning that I can make my destiny
My last day is my first step into making my dreams reality

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  1. I love the way you take lemons and make lemonade. Good job! I think about you everyday. Sure wish we lived closer, because I would share so much with you. I love my life. Everyday is a new day, a new beginning, a new lesson in life. Sometimes it may be a sour pill, but I know it is only a learning experience. Keep on keeping on. Sharing your experiences help others to cope and gives them the tools to help themselves. We are a link in
    a chain of souls, connected, intertwined in oneness. Your friend, Sandy S.