Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disability Without "D"

The dictionary provides it's definition
General population think they know
Today I took off "D" and found "Is Ability"

Many use the word as a label
And I know, cause I use to not wear it
God taught me a lesson on being capable
In the end I understood a better description fit

Give me a conversation and I will HEAR more
Show me a moment, now I SEE
Giving love like I never did before
God blessed me with "Is Ability"

Now I don't work, I LIVE
No more stolen time with my family
Learning & trying harder to FORGIVE
All because of my "Is Ability"

It's taken three years to find it all
Reaction is to resist, not seeing the opportunity
My happiness flows without that dark wall
Thank God for my "Is Ability"

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